Looking for a fun way to earn community service hours*? Passionate about keeping the city of Cincinnati clean? We host volunteer events every semester! Over 1,000 students and residents come together to beautify neighborhoods in and around Cincinnati. We would love to see you there!

*Hours are off-campus and can be applied towards Cincinnatus

Next Event:

We are sorry to inform you all that due to the University's rules and restrictions regarding Covid-19, our March 28 event is canceled. We hope to see everyone next fall. Thank you for understanding.

MAke a team with your club, Sorority or Fraternity

How To:

1. Within your group, have someone sign-up to become a Crew Leader

2. In the Crew Leader application, declare the team name you are working with on the day of the event

3. The other members of the team will sign up individually on volunteer.uc.edu and in the "notes" section, type their team name (I.e. Delta Sigma Pi, UC Mountaineers Club, Pi Beta Phi)

4. We will match the group together and put everyone in the same group!

Sign up as soon as you can!

Delta Delta Delta Sorority~Spring 2019

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity~Spring 2019

Pi Beta Phi Sorority~Spring 2019