Each semester, Clean Up Cincy partners with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in their Help-A-Lot Greenspace program to remediate littered and overgrown vacant properties in Cincinnati. In addition to serving our community, Greenspace is our primary fundraising opportunity to keep Clean Up Cincy running.

What are we?

When property owners get cited for things like tall grass or excessive litter, they're given ten days to clean it up before they're entered into the City of Cincinnati's private lot abatement database. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful assigns those properties to local organizations like Clean Up Cincy and provides the tools, and the Department of Public Services takes care of yard waste and garbage disposal. It's a great collaboration with lots of different groups all trying to make a positive different in the city.

What do we do?

Our events typically cover three lots, usually for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. We meet on campus and carpool to the properties. Every lot is a little different, but most involve some combination of picking up litter and doing lawn-care like mowing and weeding.


If you're interested in something different from our main clean-up events, keep an eye out on volunteer.uc.edu for sign-ups.


Check back in the beginning of spring 2021


Finished lot

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Finished lot